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The translation agency of Jazykové studio Bonmot offers a wide range of all-inclusive services in all 13 languages offered, including the translation of diverse texts from many fields of human activity

  • economics (marketing analyses, periodic news and reports, statistic and balance sheets etc.)
  • business (business contracts, general terms and conditions, guidelines and regulations etc.)
  • law (actions, judgments, appeals, public notices, legislation etc.)
  • medicine (medical reports, scientific articles etc.)
  • banking (account statements, credit contracts, indentures etc.)
  • ICT (product overviews, manuals and operating instructions, reviews etc.)
  • engineering (technical sheets, manuals and operating instructions, guidelines etc.)
  • humanities (essays and articles, treatises, tracts etc.)
  • official documents (diplomas, certificates, school reports, applications, authentications, permits etc.)
  • private documents (correspondence and e-mail correspondence, greeting cards, notices etc.)
  • and much more (e.g. advertising, electronics, logistics, power engineering, natural sciences etc.)

The translation of specific types of texts is implemented in cooperation with field professionals and linguistic experts who, besides preparing draft-quality translations, are also responsible for carrying out a proofreading. To ensure the highest quality, even in terminology-intensive orders, we consider it as standard to employ modern CAT tools.

On processing large-scale orders, we always find ourselves committed to keeping the terminology as unified as possible. Therefore, we strive to establish a team of only a few translators and proofreaders to be able to maintain uniform terminology.

Be it a translation of any extent, language combination or field, it is always our stable team of professional translators who are determined to ensure the highest quality for your orders while keeping two major criteria in mind: to meet the shortest deadlines possible and to provide services at unrivalled prices.

Quotations are calculated upon the standard-page specifications shown below:

1 standard page = 60 lines per page x 30 keystrokes per line incl. space characters
1 standard page = 1800 characters incl. space characters

  • English

    Do you want to speak better English?

  • Deutsch

    Wollen Sie besser Deutsch sprechen?

  • Français

    Voulez-vous parler mieux français?

  • Español

    Quiere usted hablar mejor español?

  • Italiano

    Volete parlare meglio l’italiano?

Other languages

  • Ruština русский
  • Švédština Svenska
  • Dánština Dansk
  • Nizozemština Nederlands
  • Arabština العربية
  • Čínština 中國的
  • Japonština 日本人
  • Korejština 한국의
  • Polština Polski
  • Čeština Czech for foreigners
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