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All translations you place with us are, of course, delivered to you only upon the completion of a multiple proofreading.

A proofreading represents an integral part of every single order placed with us – this includes not only the correction of spelling and grammar, but also the style. For extra tariffs, we can also offer a second-round proofreading, if necessary, i.e. the original text is compared with the translation or the version after the first proofreading.

We also provide a separate proofreading service, both for foreign-language texts and Czech texts. This kind of proofreading is carried out by a professional proofreader, wherein the proofreading can have various purposes – ranging from small corrections in spelling and grammar up to in-depth amendments to the style.

We also offer a pre-print proofreading, which means a proofreading of texts that have already been proofread once before, set in type and made print-ready. On carrying out this kind of proofreading, we especially focus on so-called minor errors that might be produced during typesetting (e.g. incorrect word wraps or wrong titles in pictures etc.).

Quotations are calculated upon the standard-page specifications shown below:

1 standard page = 60 lines per page x 30 keystrokes per line incl. space characters
1 standard page = 1800 characters incl. space characters

  • English

    Do you want to speak better English?

  • Deutsch

    Wollen Sie besser Deutsch sprechen?

  • Français

    Voulez-vous parler mieux français?

  • Español

    Quiere usted hablar mejor español?

  • Italiano

    Volete parlare meglio l’italiano?

Other languages

  • Ruština русский
  • Švédština Svenska
  • Dánština Dansk
  • Nizozemština Nederlands
  • Arabština العربية
  • Čínština 中國的
  • Japonština 日本人
  • Korejština 한국의
  • Polština Polski
  • Čeština Czech for foreigners
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