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The translation agency of Jazykové studio Bonmot is a provider of translation services cooperating with a circle of carefully selected, highly experienced professionals who are committed to providing cutting-edge quality in their branch of business. Accordingly, we are also capable of completing large-scale orders while placing, above all, high demands on proficiency, compactness of translation and meeting your deadlines, all of which is made possible thanks to our organized way of working and excellent translation capacity and moreover, by making use of the most exquisite refinement of our translators' expression.

We focus not only on corporate clients and the entrepreneurial public demanding a better quality and swiftness due to the continuous growth of business activity, but also on individuals who often require a rapid response to one-off or intermittent translation orders.

As to the quality of translations we definitely place emphasis on grammatical, lexical and stylistic accuracy to render the author's intention, and at the same time, with large-scale orders we always keep to the exact accordance of professional terms with the original version, due to which we always follow the in-company translation practice.

We consider it an integral part of every order to carry out all proofreading-related tasks with the objective of providing a draft-quality translation. By performing all proofreading-related tasks we can ensure precision in spelling and the right style. For an additional fee we can also provide a second-round proofreading if necessary.

Another option is to have your draft-quality translations simply checked by us.

The languages for which we can provide two-way translations are: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Czech. Generally, we can provide translations and proofreading for many fields of businesses. Moreover, delivery is always made ahead of the deadline, whether your order is to be completed as standard (in 7 days) or as express (in 2 days) delivery, and no matter if the translation relates to special or general language.

Finally, we can deliver any translation either in person or by post offering both printed and electronic form (by e-mail or on CD or USB memory sticks). Adobe Reader .pdf and MS Word .doc file formats are preferable for deliveries.

Satisfied customers who keep placing new orders are the proof of the quality of our services.

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